How do I get into the Greeting Card Industry?

The Australian population spends $500 million on greeting cards. Finding a route into this fiercely competitive industry is not always easy.

There are two main options:

  • become a greeting card publisher yourself
  • supply existing card publishers with your artwork and be paid a fee for doing so

The idea of setting up your own greeting card publishing company may sound exciting, however this decision should not be taken lightly. Going down this route involves taking on all of the set up and running costs involved within a publishing company, as well as the production, selling, and administrative responsibilities. This often leaves little time for you to do what you do best - creating the artwork.

A more common approach is to supply existing greeting card publishers with artwork (you always have the opportunity to set up your own company later - once you know the ropes).

It is estimated that there are around 800 greeting card publishers in the UK; ranging in size from one man bands to multi-national corporations. Not all publishers accept freelance artwork, however a great many do. Remember that whatever the size of the company, all publishers rely on good designs.

How and where can I buy Greeting Cards?

Greeting Cards can be purchased from numerous outlets. These include Newsagencies, Discount Stores, Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Department stores, Post Offices, Gift Shops, Florists, and the like.

The stores that tend to provide the widest selections are Newsagencies, Discount Stores, and Department Stores. Other outlets provide a convenient, though limited, selection.

Some greeting card publishers offer cards online, however designs and sending situations are limited.

Most greeting card buyers desire a tactile approach to selecting cards, as well as ensuring the wording of the cards is correct.

How do I source Greeting Cards for sale?

When searching for a Greeting Card supplier, this website lists the majority of greeting cards and associated products suppliers within Australia and New Zealand in our Member Directory.

Please contact our Members directly for more information.

How do I sell my Artwork or Text Copy?

Most Greeting Card manufacturers have access to significant International resources for design and editorial copy. However, they may still be very interested in new and unique artwork along with editorial, especially as the industry needs to keep up-to-date with trends.

Please contact Australian Greeting Card Association Member companies directly. These companies can be found in the Member Directory on this website. They will require a portfolio of original artwork and samples of editorial as appropriate.